Although the ocean is one of the biggest attractions for visitors to Georgia's Golden Isles, there are numerous other activities to enjoy during your stay in Historic Brunswick , St. Simons Island , Jekyll Island , Sea Island or Little St. Simons Island . The temperate climate and beautiful scenic backdrop provide ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Quaint shopping boutiques , first-class dining experiences , unique attractions and historical tours of the Islands and mainland provide one-of-a-kind experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.

Want help planning your days on your next Golden Isles escape? We have plenty of trip ideas and itineraries to help you plan your getaway.

The Golden Isles offer a multitude of activities to fill your day with either adventure or relaxation. If you're looking to get your heart pumping, take to the beach with a paddleboard lesson or a day of charter fishing. If you're in search of serenity, join a kayak tour through the peaceful marshes of Glynn, saddle up for a guided horseback ride or enjoy a quiet bike ride around one of the islands. Of course, there is always the opportunity to relax on the beach and do nothing at all. Looking for someone to plan your day for you? View our list guided tours for your next trip.

Golden Isles Beaches

The beaches of the Golden Isles are constantly changing. Dramatic tidal swings of seven to nine feet (7–9 ft), as opposed to one to three feet (1–3 ft) elsewhere on the East Coast, are caused by the islands' position within the South Atlantic Bight, the large inward curve along the coast from North Carolina to South Florida. Our barrier islands naturally harbor a “sand-sharing” system whereby water and wind exchange sand between the beach and the offshore sandbars and spits.

At high tide, the line between sea and sand is crisply drawn; low tide creates sand bars and tidal pools that invite exploration. Look closely, and you may find hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, or sand dollars. Our coastlines are fun to explore but please leave our natural surroundings and wildlife as you found them.

Whether you choose to relax at the private, 7-mile-long beach on Little St. Simons Island , go horseback riding on Sea Island's private beaches , explore the haunting Driftwood Beach or the pristine Glory Beach of Jekyll Island , or walk the length of St. Simons Island's East Beach , you are sure to appreciate the diversity of Golden Isles beaches.

Discover the charm and history of the Golden Isles via bicycle. Miles of bike paths encircle and cross Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island providing easy and safe access to many historic sites, restaurants, beaches, and shops without the use of a car. Bike paths connect many of the islands' most popular sites along the St. Simons Island Trail System and Jekyll Island Trail System . You can even explore our many hard-packed beaches by bike to catch a glimpse of coastal wildlife and nature. Look for walking and biking paths throughout the islands and Brunswick to continue your biking journey.

St. Simons Island Biking Trial System

Explore over 30 miles of bike paths around St. Simons Island, including the newest paved path that leads past Frederica Park to the far north end of the island. Enjoy views of beautiful parks, rivers and the ocean, marshlands, historic sites, Pier Village and more.

Jekyll Island Biking Trail System

Rent a bicycle or bring your own to explore over 20 miles of paved bike paths throughout and around Jekyll Island. Take in the beautiful island views like beaches, forests, the Jekyll Island Historic Landmark District and more.

Leave your vehicle at your accommodations or one of the many parking areas and enjoy the slower-paced option of biking to truly take in the beauty and serenity of the Golden Isles. You will find multiple bike rental companies available for your convenience throughout the Golden Isles (see the listings below).

With the Golden Isles' ideal location on the coast of Georgia, it's no surprise that it offers a wealth of boating options— charter fishing , sailing , kayaking —with access to the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, tidal creaks and beautiful rivers. Services for boaters are offered locally at many fine marinas providing impressive expertise in a range of maritime services from simple dockage and fueling to complex repair. Public boat ramps and water access are available throughout the Golden Isles.

Please Note:
Beaches on Georgia's coast fall into the Boating Safety Zone law, which requires a distance of 1,000 feet between any power craft and the shore. Please note that personal watercraft are considered power craft and may not be beach launched or landed. If you plan to launch your own personal watercraft from a marina, call first to verify that the facility allows personal watercraft on ramps. All power craft must be launched from approved ramp areas.

Coastal waters offer a unique challenge to boaters, as dramatic changes in channel depth can result from a variety of conditions including weather, tidal status, season, wind direction and the influence of area marshlands. It is essential that approaching craft hail their marina destination on VHF Channel 16 for detailed, timely and vessel-appropriate directions in addition to using current marine charts.

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